Jeff, Jacquie, and Paul of Hairless Dog and FINNEGANS

Big News from Hairless Dog

Sorry, we know it’s been a while since we posted anything. We’ve had a lot going on… but now we have some news to share.

Earlier this year, we started looking for a partner who could take Hairless Dog to the next level, while preserving the quality, core values, and respect for our OG core customers. It was pretty easy to find takers. It was really hard to find the right one.

Why? When we started, NA beer carried a stigma that kept lots of folks from accepting it as anything but a badge of dishonor. We were unimpressed, and knew there were plenty of other people like us—like you—who wanted to get behind an honest, quality product that understands them. Over our six-year history, Hairless Dog has become much more than just a drink to a lot of people. We needed to find the right partner that values you, one you could get behind again.

Like the rest of the world over the past few years, much has changed in NA beer. Shelves are exploding with quality NA options as the stigma fades, and people continue to pursue their “best selves,” as they define it in an uncertain world. For us, that meant partnering with an iconic, independent, community-minded brewer.

It’s our extraordinary pleasure to share that Hairless Dog Brewing has been acquired by FINNEGANS Brew Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota. FINNEGANS was at the forefront of the craft-brewing explosion decades ago, embodying that spirit of hand-crafted quality and attention to detail that continues to make their beers legendary. Learn more about them and their awesomely “Rambunctious Social Entrepreneur” and CEO Jacquie Berglund HERE.

FINNEGANS exerts a level of community support and advocacy that is unprecedented, including their mission of “turning beer into food.” They encourage people to “drink like you care” through a program that has distributors matching donations in the communities they serve. We’d love to share more about the amazing work FINNEGANS does, and we’re thrilled to say Hairless Dog will be included in those programs. More on that HERE.

Paul, Jacquie, and Jeff with FINNEGANS Reverse Food Truck

The best news of all is that the Hairless Dog brand will continue, and grow better. Cofounders Jeff Hollander and Paul Pirner will stay involved, and are excited about the future. Because of this partnership, FINNEGANS will brew Hairless Dog in their brewery in Downtown Minneapolis. It will be served in their taproom. Longed-for seasonal and specialty NA beers will finally become a reality. And our distribution network will continue to grow across the United States.

Unfortunately, online sales are paused. Not forever, but for a while. Stay connected on our email list and/or social media to find out when you’ll be able to order direct from our website again. In the meantime…

To find locations near you to buy Hairless Dog in store, use our updated store locator, HERE.

And if you don’t like your options and would like to request Hairless Dog in your area, please let our folks know HERE.

Friends, Hairless Dog simply would not exist without you. We are profoundly grateful that you gave us a chance when we were a voice in the wilderness. FINNEGANS gets it, they went through it too. Like you, they wanted more. Like us, they had to make it themselves. That’s why we’re so proud of this partnership, and the possibilities for the future.

We’d like to hear from you. If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, you can reach us HERE.

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