Chef Wes presents: The Hairless Dog Chihuahua Mocktail

Chef Wes presents: The Hairless Dog Chihuahua Mocktail

Spice up game day (or any day) during Sober October with this mocktail from Chef Wes featuring Hairless Dog Black Ale NA beer. Brewed with 0.0%ABV and 100% craft flavor, our Black Ale is the perfect complement to a fiery base of jalapeno syrup and chili oil. Cheers!

In a shaker with ice, add:
1.5 oz of jalapeno syrup
A couple dashes chili oil 
Juice from one fresh lime

Shake well to distribute the chili oil throughout the base. 

Prep a highball glass by running a 1/2 lime around the rim and dipping into tajin spice. Add ice and the mocktail base. Top with Hairless Dog Black Ale and enjoy. 

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