This is a photograph of Paul Pirner, Megan Newquist, and Christ Egert on the television set of KSTP Minnesota Live show. Cartons of Hairless Dog brews and Hairless Dog apparel are on a table in front.

Paul's Dry January Tour - Minnesota Live (KSTP)

We had a great time on set with Megan Newquist and Chris Egert at KSTP in Minneapolis today, talking Dry January® and 0.0% ABV craft beer. We're proud to call Minnesota our home, and love sharing our story with the local audience - and beyond. Thanks to Chris and Megan for enthusiastically tasting our beers and for the thumbs up reviews. 

There are so many ways to go "dry" for January. Some people eliminate alcohol from their diets entirely, while others make an effort to cut back on consumption. Hairless Dog brews have a place at any occasion that calls for a craft beer, as well as many occasions where you normally wouldn't drink a beer. At work, after a workout, playing with your kids, on call, or just before driving home to name a few. 

Check out the full interview here.

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