January Survival Pack

Hairless Dog N/A beer cans in snow

January. A time to reflect on the year gone by. Dream about the one to come. Make a resolution or two.

Thinking about giving up alcohol? That's a healthy positive-choice goal, whether it's a year-round commitment or a one-month decision.

Hairless Dog's January Survival Pack is here to cheer you along. Our cool, tasty 0.0% craft beers will steer you through the month ... and beyond!


We're bringing our sampling crew to a store near you, Minnesota! Join Hairless Dog's barnstorming tour this January. Visit these retailers and give our delicious N/A brews a try!

Friday, January 6

Saturday, January 7

Monday, January 9

Friday, January 13

Saturday, January 14

Friday, January 20

Saturday, January 21

Friday, January 27

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