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All three Hairless Dog Brew styles in one convenient 12-pack so you can mix it up during Dry January® with ease. Just $23.89 with free shipping included.

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"Why have hair of the dog when Hairless Dog tastes just as great without the hangover?" - sophia Cannon, NY Post

Hairless Dog 0.0 NA Brews are among the brands mentioned in the recent New York Post article, "The 13 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Get You Through 'Dry January' 2022."

Make us part of your January Survival Plan with our limited time specialty boxes!


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Yes, really!

"Not fermenting wort generally goes against traditional methods when it comes to making beer, but is not to be dismissed too quickly. By not fermenting the wort, the brewer can confidently create a true 0.0% ABV “beer.” Commercially, this technique has been employed by Hairless Dog Brewing and has proven rather successful." -


HDB Black Ale: Among The Best Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers

"You’ve heard of Hair of the Dog— but what about Hairless Dog? This non-alcoholic beer can be enjoyed in the afternoon or evening without running the risk of a hangover at all. (Hairless Dog Black Ale) features notes of roasted malt and wheat — without the overly bitter after taste — that’ll keep you refreshed and clear-headed." -

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