We hear it all the time. “What’s the point of drinking beer without alcohol?”

And we get it. As craft beer lovers, all of us at Hairless Dog Brewing appreciate a traditional craft beer. The complex flavors, the hefty hops, the satisfying mouthfeel, the robust body, the playful bubbles. All of it. In fact, it’s our love for traditional craft beer that inspired us to create a truly alcohol-free version. Because not everyone can, or wants to, consume alcohol every time they have a beer.

Consider decaffeinated coffee. Many people drink coffee for the caffeine and say “what’s the point?” of decaf. Coffee purists may scoff, but the truth is, decaffeinated coffee has a place in many situations and is an expected option at even the coffee-est of coffee bars. Why?

The reasons are as varied as the individuals who drink decaf. Some are coffee lovers who, for medical reasons such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, acid reflux, or anxiety, have been advised to eliminate caffeine from their diets. Some are in-tune with their bodies to the point where they know they feel better without the effects of caffeine. Others will continue to drink regular coffee most of the time, but ease up on caffeine later in the day to ensure a restful sleep. Still others find that mixing caffeinated coffee with decaf allows them to enjoy the “high octane” blends they love while tempering the impact of caffeine.

Makes sense, right? Now go back and reread that paragraph, substituting beer for coffee and alcohol for caffeine. There are many reasons to avoid alcohol, from medical necessity to health choices to mental clarity. But we, and many like us, know there’s still plenty to love about a good craft beer. And there are plenty of situations where it makes sense to drink one. Just as going to a coffee bar and ordering decaf makes you feel more included than if you just ordered water, an NA beer is often the perfect companion for social gatherings and outings where alcohol is the typical go-to drink.

Innovation allows us to constantly redefine products and entire industries to better fit consumer demands and changing lifestyles. NA beer is just one example of providing options that allow more people to partake and enjoy without denying others who prefer the original. It’s about being open-minded, accepting, and flexible. And we’re here for all of that.

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